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• 11/28/2018

Ship Names

Hey the mid season finale is over, with bodies in its wake and major ship events, now since none of those ships have names I think it’s time to name them! Now my names are Bace (Ben and Grace), Benvi (Ben and Saanvi), Jarechaela (Jared and Michaela, AKA the most popular one), Lourded, (Lourdes and Jared), Dace (Danny and Grace), Oliven (Olive and Kevin. We can also do some family ones or ones that don’t make sense (minus Benvi cause I’m weird), but I’m too lazy to think of them. Now leave your thoughts below, what do you like, do you have any better ideas or any ones you want to add?

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• 12/17/2018

I think that the ship names are:

* Gracen (Ben & Grace)

* Benvi (Saanvi & Ben)

* Granny (Grace & Danny)

* Kolive (Kevin & Olive)

* Jardes (Lourdes & Jared)

* Micared (Michaela & Jared)

• 4d

Apparently there's an entire twitter account called Jachaela so I think we should probs go with that one.

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