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  • I live in Brazil
  • I was born on May 15
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Male
  • Bio Hi, I'm Matheus. I'm 16. You can usually find me on the Once Upon a Time Wiki, where I'm a discussions mod. I am also a bureaucrat on the Manifest Wiki. If I can help you in any way, please leave a message.
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  • Hello, Matheus. I hate to bother you but I was wondering if I could change my color(name and staff color)?

    The new HEX is #0099ff.

    Thank you.

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  • If I’m not asking too much could you make an Appearances2 template? I suck at coding and I’m a bit busy or else I’d do it, I’ll start updating the pages with it once I finish the episode.

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  • Below

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    • @Matheus,

      come to this chat

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    • SCENE: Emma's house. Storybrooke. Past. Regina knocks Emma's door and she opens it. Regina enters. Emma has a bitter face.


      Regina: Hey Emma, here I am
      Emma: Take a seat, please (Emma leads Regina to the living room and they sit in a couch)
      Regina: So, what is it that you need?
      Emma: The truth.
      Regina: The truth? About what?
      Emma: Graham's death (That seems to have hit Regina hard. She gets pale)
      Regina: Graham... he... (Emma's eyes are watery) I did... kill him (Emma sighs) That night when we had a fight I crushed his heart. I... I really regret it. I regret everything (Tears begin to drop from Emma's eyes)
      Emma: Fine. I need to be alone, please (Regina nods. She gets up and leaves. When the door closes, Emma begins to cry. We see Regina hearing Emma's crying from outside the house. Tear drops from her eyes too)

      SCENE: Council room. Wish Queen's Palace. Past. Regina, Henry, Sir Henry, Rogers, Snow, David, Jacinda, Tilly, Margot and Zelena are sitting around the war table. There's a cauldron with a purple liquid

      Regina: ...and all the realms are merged into Storybrooke (Regina stares at the clock in the wall. Snow, David and Zelena exchange looks)
      Zelena: Regina, Chad is preparing our wedding in San Francisco, I can't work on an undiscovered, and theorical version of the Dark Curse.
      Regina: It's fine. You can rest, I'll find someone to do it with me
      Snow White: Regina, you shouldn't do it. Let's not get in anything dangerous, in the last couple years we faced so many things we want peace.
      Regina: You can rest, but I only need a little piece of your heart (Snow, David and Zelena exchange looks. They nod. Snow White prepares to take out a piece of her heart, but David puts her hand down and he takes a piece instead. Rogers, Henry, Wish Henry, Jacinda, Margot and Tilly do the same. They all feel pain. They hand Regina over pieces of their hearts, who grabs them and puts them in the cauldron. Then again, Regina stares at the clock on the wall. It reaches 6 PM)
      Snow White: Regina, who are you waiting for? (Suddenly, Emma opens the door)
      Emma: Sorry I'm late (Cuts to black)

      EPISODE TITLE CARD: The Light Curse's wave approaching the OUAT logo

      SCENE: Storybrooke Town Line. Storybrooke. Present. Regina, Tilly and Margot are saying goodbye to Zelena. Chad is seen inside Zelena's car from the other side of the line

      Margot: When will you be back?
      Zelena: When Chad is ready and things cool down. But don't worry, it'll be before your wedding. Keep preparing it in the meanwhile (Zelena hugs Margot, Regina and Tilly)
      Regina: See you, sis.
      Zelena: See you soon, girls (Zelena turns around and crosses the town line. She waves from her side, even though she can't see them. She gets in the car and drives it away as Regina, Margot and Tilly watch. Then, Regina gets a call from Emma. She answers)
      Regina: Hey, Emma (The scene switches between the town line and streets of Storybrooke) What's going on?
      Emma: Mysterious flowers were planted by a pack of werewolves during the night. The cameras recorded everything (The scientific team are wearing special suits and are taking the soil with black seeds away in pots)
      Regina: Amazing. Did the cameras follow them?
      Emma: Yes, they did, but the cameras finish in the border between Storybrooke and the New Enchanted Forest. We saw them heading towards there. Witnesses say there's an awful smell there. Hook is going--
      Regina: No. Hook is not going anywhere. I'm going
      Emma: I'm going with you, it's too dangerous to go alone.
      Regina: Fine. I'll be there in two minutes (Emma nods and she finishes the call) Margot, Tilly, I have to go (She takes the keys of her car out of her pocket and gives them to the girls) Keep planning your wedding, maybe we can meet tonight at Granny's (Regina poofs away leaving the couple alone. Cuts to another scene)

      SCENE: Henry's and Jacinda's Apartment. Lucy is doing homework as Henry talks with Jacinda through the phone.

      The night before...
      Henry: Finally, you answer! It's been all day! Yes, yes, Christopher just left, Lucy's doing homework (Jacinda says something we don't hear. Henry gets paler than normal and his face turns shocked) Wait, you what? You were-- I'm preparing the table, now (He finishes the call and runs to a cupboard and puts the mantle on the table) Luc, bring five glasses (Lucy does so. Henry opens another cupboard and takes five plates, five knives and five forks out of it. He puts everything on the table as he calls the pizza delivery real quick)
      Lucy: Dad, what's going on?
      Henry: Ivy... and Anastasia... they're back! (The camera focuses on Lucy's reaction. She's shocked. Cuts to another scene)

      SCENE: Theater. New Enchanted Forest. Present. The actors who worked with Ariel are doing rehearseals with the director. Suddenly, the doors of the theater open and Ikarus enters with a man

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  • TIAB is getting on my nerves, he tried to report your disagreement about a revival to Lily, after that I finally broke and explained exactly what he did wrong, gave him a warning and just for good measure included the other stuff he's done during my discussion modship, and thus he proceeds to try to report me in the same thread. I'm leaving this here because I just need to vent in a place I can be reasonably sure he won't find.

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    • He's unbeliavable...

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    • He even made a new thread on Lily’s wall to report me, which I immediately closed because it was pointless, he also seems to be mad and offended that you said WTF, which I then had to go on a rant about how we’re mature enough to use cuss words.

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  • I figured out what the scene with Vance and Georgia is, the scene is from when Bethany was taken (and probably filmed with it) but the footage is not from that episode meaning it is original footage!

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    • Yeah, pretty minor actress so I doubt we’ll be seeing Subject 7 anytime soon.

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    • Hey do you think that File:101BethanyCalled.png appearance of Georgia (there’s a woman in bed with her who has the same hair color) counts as enough to say Georgia’s actress appears?

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  • Could you come back to chat, please?

    Edit: Let me know when you can

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  • I finished the staff page so feel free to add a bit about you in your section.

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  • So I realized that with a large amount of page getting made that need Appearances sections I don’t want to update every single one of them for the next 4 weeks with them not ending up appearing. On the Once wiki they fixed this by getting rid of the TBA episode by episode, see the revision history ofAppearances7, it only takes one edit and cuts down by like 30 the amount of pages needing updated every episode. I was wondering if you agreed/could institute it.

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    • So I’m fixing the Paul Santino page that an anon made and I’m wondering if I should count the mentions of the missing passengers as mentions of him.

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    • Schroeswald wrote:
      So I’m fixing the Paul Santino page that an anon made and I’m wondering if I should count the mentions of the missing passengers as mentions of him.

      IDK... Add it

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  • Are staff allowed to get affiliates with other wikis?

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  • Hey! Can we do a little staff chat sometime?

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