Michaela Stone
Biographical Information
Gender: Female
Status: Alive
Birthdate: 1992 (age 21/26)[1]
Home: New York
Occupation: Detective
Physical Description
Species: Human
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Blue
Show Information
Portrayed by: Melissa Roxburgh
First appearance: "Pilot"
Latest appearance: "Icing Conditions"

Detective Michaela Beth Stone is a character on NBC's Manifest. She debuts in the first episode of the first season and is portrayed by starring cast member Melissa Roxburgh.

Biography[edit | edit source]

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Before Flight 828[edit | edit source]

Michaela was born to Steve and Karen Stone, and is Ben Stone's younger sister. As an adult she became a policewoman. At an unspecified moment she befriended two women named Lourdes and Evie and began dating a colleague Jared Vasquez.

At one point her brother married a woman named Grace, and Michaela became the aunt of two twins. Michaela has always loved her brother's children, but apparently never got along very well with her sister-in-law, who she feared could have a bad influence on the children.

Five months before the flight, Michaela is in a car accident where her friend Evie dies, as Michaela is slightly drunk but has to drive the very drunk Evie home.


Michaela is proposed to by her boyfriend Jared a few months later, and she thinks about what her answer would be during her entire trip to Jamaica. ("Pilot")

During Flight 828[edit | edit source]

While on Flight 828, Michaela's brother, Ben, tells her to accept Jared's proposal. Then, Flight 828 experiences a brief moment of extreme turbulence before the flight lands back in New York. ("Pilot")

After Flight 828[edit | edit source]

After the plane lands, Michaela sends a text to Jared, saying yes to his proposal, but is surprised that the message didn't go through, due to no signal. Ben also notices that his phone doesn't have service either.

After getting off the plane on the tarmac, Michaela and the rest of the passengers of Flight 828 learn from the director of the NSA Robert Vance that they had been missing/presumed dead for five and a half years. After being questioned by the NSA on what happened on the flight, Michaela, Ben and Cal are reunited with Grace, Olive and Michaela and Ben's dad Steve. Michaela learns from her dad that her mother had died from cancer. Olive is now five and a half years older than her twin, Cal, who is still ten and a half.

When Michaela returns to work as a cop at the 129th Precinct of the NYPD, she learns that her now ex-fiance, Jared, had married her best friend Lourdes instead.

Later on, Michaela gets her first Calling while on a jog past a warehouse which tells her to "Set Them Free." Ben also gets the Calling as well and they thought the Calling was telling them to set the dogs free, but later on, Michaela discovers that the owner of the warehouse had kidnapped two girls, who the NYPD was searching for. She discovers them locked up in a shed after hearing the Calling say "Set Them Free" over and over again.

Later that night, Michaela gets a Calling along with Ben and several other passengers to go back to the airport where they witness the explosion of Flight 828. (Pilot)

Throughout Season One, Michaela and Ben and several other passengers receive Callings which help them save people, or bring people together for a purpose. For instance in S.N.A.F.U., Michaela gets a Calling in the form of a beating heart and learns that the boy she helps to catch his uncle's murderer receives Evie's heart in a transplant. In Dead Reckoning, Michaela and Ben and Vance get involved in a rescue mission to save some of the passengers who had gone missing. The missing passengers are being experimented on by a group called the Singularity Project. They are using the research done by a fellow Flight 828 passenger Fiona Clarke, a researcher who studies shared consciousness. The person who is in charge of the project is a mysterious woman only known as The Major.

In Crosswinds, Michaela and Jared have an affair, which Michaela later regrets, as she realizes not only is she destroying Jared's marriage with Lourdes, she is also destroying her friendship with Lourdes as well.

In Crosswinds, Michaela experiences for the first time her most pivotal Calling, "Find Her." While at the safe house for the missing passengers, Michaela touches a passenger, when she is somehow transported into a blizzard and she hears a man's voice say "Find her." She gets the Calling several times and while she thought she is to supposed to find the wife of the missing passenger, Ben and Fiona thought it might've been that Michaela needs to find the Major. She later realizes later on during the episode that she may have been experiencing someone else's Calling. But little did she and Ben know, Cal was also experiencing the same Calling. Cal notices that the person in the Calling who is saying "Find Her," has a picture of Michaela from a page of a magazine. Later on, Michaela is able to see some of the details of the person, like his coat, which becomes important later on.

In Contrails, Ben and Michaela try to stop Daly from stealing an airplane and to rescue Fiona, who Daly kidnaps but it is no use, as Daly flies into dark lightning to prove that 828 isn't his fault. Later on that night, Michaela realizes in horror that she may have let out a little too much information to Autumn Cox, one of the missing passengers who is a mole to the Major. Cal spends the afternoon at Michaela's apartment when Autumn comes to visit to ask for Michaela for help. Cal has his sketchbook out and Michaela realizes that Autumn might've told the Major about Cal's abilities. Worried that Cal might've been kidnapped, Ben and Grace go to upstate New York to a town called Tannersville to see where Cal was after seeing his clues from his sketchbook. (Vanishing Point)

Michaela eventually joins them up in Tannersville where she learns that Cal wasn't kidnapped but had run off to meet the person in Michaela's Calling. When Michaela arrives at the cabin, she notices that there was a man there and she instantly recognizes his coat from her Callings. When the man wakes up, he instantly recognizes Michaela.

The hiker, whose name was Zeke Landon, explained to Ben and Michaela that he was hiking when a monster blizzard comes out of nowhere. He takes shelter in a cave and burns pretty much he has to stay warm. He has a magazine and on the final page is a picture of Michaela. He explains that her picture gave him strength to leave the cave and to find her. Zeke also explains that there is a massive earthquake in the cave which helps him escape. He is shocked to learn that Ben and Michaela are alive, and Ben realizes from the page of Zeke's magazine, that Zeke had gone on his hike one year ago, in 2017, when it is currently 2018.

In Cleared for Approach, Michaela uses her detective skills to learn more about Zeke. She and Zeke realize that there is a strange connection between them after they experience a shared Calling "Go Back!" Zeke tells Michaela that he had been responsible for the death of his younger sister, Chloe. He is talking on the phone with some girl he barely knew while on a camping trip with his family when Chloe falls down into a ravine and dies. Zeke knew it is his fault because he was supposed to be watching her and Chloe's death haunts him for years on end. Michaela tells Zeke that she too is also responsible for her best friend Evie's death and that she feels the same guilt and shame like he has. Michaela helps Zeke find closure from Chloe's death by helping him remember the good memories he has of her. They also built a cairn in honor of Chloe. Later that night, while they are walking, they find a petrograph of two people under the stars. They are holding hands at that moment when a lightning storm flashes above their heads.

Michaela and Zeke return back to NYC. In Upgrade, Michaela discovers that there are more time jumpers after another one, an armed robber named James Griffin reappears after being submerged underwater in an armored truck for 82 hours and 8 minutes. Griffin is like the 828 passengers and Zeke, as they all have Callings and the same blood marker that Saanvi had discovered in their blood. But the one huge difference between Griffin and the rest of them is that Griffin uses the Callings for evil and not good, which leads to his watery demise three days later during a public news conference. Michaela, Ben, Zeke and Saanvi all get the "Stop Him" Calling that day but are shocked to see what happened to Griffin.

Michaela ladmits to Lourdes of her affair with Jared. Lourdes tells her that Jared loves Michaela more than her and that he wants to be with her. This ends Michaela's friendship with Lourdes.

Michaela and Jared's relationship turns sour after Jared meets Zeke for the first time at the hospital where Griffin is being treated at after he is rescued. Zeke tells Michaela that he struggles with alcoholism and substance abuse to deal with the pain after Chloe's death. Jared arrests Zeke after he tries to break into his mom's house. Later on, Jared has a buddy of his follow Zeke into an alleyway to try to convince Michaela that Zeke was using again. What Zeke buys is a gun, to stop Griffin and to protect Michaela. Michaela is sick and tired of Jared's obsession over Zeke and things get to a boiling point when Jared confronts Zeke in Michaela's apartment where Zeke and Jared get into a fight. Zeke shows Jared the gun that he bought to stop Griffin. He and Jared get into a scuffle trying to grab the gun and the bullet goes off, hitting Michaela in the stomach, who walks in to try to stop the fight. (Estimated Time of Departure)

[edit | edit source]

After the fight, Michaela experiences a Calling with her, Ben and Cal on Flight 828, which is crashing. Cal says in the Calling "Save the passengers." Michaela fades in and out of consciousness as both Zeke and Jared try to stop the bleeding from her wound. Michaela tells Zeke to run, which at first, he didn't want to, but he does. After recovering from her surgery, Michaela refuses to let Jared visit her hospital room, as she blames him for what happened to her. Michaela learns from Ben that the passengers of Flight 828 have a "Death Date." Ben concludes after Griffin's untimely death that he was only alive for the same amount of time that he was gone. Ben realizes that the passengers only have five and a half years left to live and he knows the exact day that they will die on. They will all die on June 2nd, 2024. Michaela realizes in horror that Zeke only has a year left to live.

Two months pass since the shooting. Michaela learns that she is about to become an aunt again after Ben and Grace tell her that they are expecting and sne is happy for them.

Meanwhile, Zeke goes into hiding at his mom's house, growing his hair out long and also growing his beard out to avoid detection from the NYPD. He has a buddy in Canada send Michaela a postcard from Canada to let her know that he is safe. Cal knows where Zeke is and pays him a visit. Cal tells Zeke that he needs to be with Michaela and that Zeke doesn't have much time left to live.

Zeke finds Michaela in the street and tells her that he wants to spend the time he has left by owning up to his actions in prison. He also casually admits that he has grown fond of her and that he wishes that he could've met her some other way and in some other time before the cops arrive to arrest him.

She and Ben later help two passengers fulfill their Calling after Michaela sees a car dangling over the edge of the rocks by the George Washington Bridge. (Fasten Your Seatbelts)

Later on, Michaela meets her new partner at the NYPD Drea Mikami. Drea is a bright, young and resourceful detective and becomes Michaela's friend and ally.

After having a shared Calling with both Zeke and Cal, Michaela is determined to free Zeke from prison. In Grounded and False Horizon, Michaela fights to get Zeke out of prison, which she succeeds in, but at the same time, severs her relationship with Jared by exposing his actions and his obsession with Zeke.

Hurt and angry at Michaela, Jared goes to a bar only to discover its the headquarters of the Xer's, a Flight 828 hate group. Jared goes undercover, under the guise that he hates Michaela for what she did to him.

In Black Box, Zeke and Michaela get the "Bring him back" Calling. They help a Flight 828 passenger named Logan Strickland reunite with his brother Frank, who refuses to acknowledge him after he returns from Jamaica. Logan wants to get into the vault because he wants to get the compass that his dad saved for him, but Frank takes everything that belonged to Logan. Before Logan is taken away by the cops, he gives Michaela and Ben, who had brought Frank to the bank, the compass and explains of how significant it was to his family. Logan's grandfather is the only survivor of his platoon during D-Day. The compass captures the bullet that is supposed to end his life. The compass also saves Logan's dad from a pulmonary embolism. When Ben and Michaela look closer at the compass, they notice that there is an engraving of a peacock, which is said to represent resurrection and immortality.

Before Michaela arrives at the bank, she pays a visit to Beverly, Evie's mother. While playing cards with her, Beverly asks who Michaela is taking to prom (as Beverly has dementia and believes that Evie is still alive) and Michaela responds that she doesn't have a date. Beverly asks her if there is a boy she's interested in and she admits that she is falling in love with Zeke, but she is scared to act upon her feelings for him because he didn't have long to live. Beverly encourages Michaela to let go and be happy, even if it is for a little while. Later that night after the bank robbery, Michaela takes Zeke back to her apartment where she treats his head wound that he gets from Logan when Logan hits the gun against Zeke's forehead. Zeke asks Michaela why she is always trying to save him and she tells him that he is a good man, whether he believes it or not. He tells her that he only has eight more months left to live but she says that the compass they found could be a clue to help save him. But Zeke tells Michaela that she already has saved him. After a brief moment of silence, Michaela tells Zeke what Beverly had said to her earlier that day: "A good heart goes a long way." She then kisses Zeke on the lips and pulls back quickly, slightly embarrassed. Realizing that she feels the same way, Zeke kisses her back and they spend the night together.

In Coordinated Flight, Michaela investigates an attack on the Church of the Returned that is committed by the Xer's. Olive is the only witness during the attack and gets a good look at the attackers but doesn't want to come forward at first because she doesn't want to tell her parents that she is a member of the Believers. Michaela encourages her niece to ID the attackers which she does. Later on, the NYPD gets a tip on where the Xer's had a base and Michaela goes on the raid only to find the warehouse empty. Michaela believes that there is a leak in the precinct and someone had tipped the Xers off.

After getting home from work, she and Zeke are getting supper ready when there is a knock at her door. Michaela opens the door to find Courtney, Zeke's ex-girlfriend, who claims that she is Zeke's wife.

In Return Trip, Michaela learns that Zeke and Courtney are not married. They were high as kites and never bothered to sign the legal paperwork to seal the marriage. Courtney comes to Michaela's apartment to not only get sober (as she was a junkie like Zeke), but to hide from Lucas, a dangerous drug dealer. Lucas and his men track down Courtney and Courtney tells Michaela and Zeke that she owes Lucas $20,000 in debt for drugs. Zeke wants to take care of it on his own but Michaela convinces him that she needed to come and help. He warns her that Lucas is dangerous but Michaela responds that she's a cop.

At Lucas's apartment, Zeke and Michaela; who is under the guise of a junkie named Ella, makes a deal with Lucas, but before anything could happen, Lucas wants Michaela to shoot up. Zeke comes to her defense and says that she is more a pill girl. Zeke offers to shoot up but doesn't after the undercover op goes south after one of Lucas's men recognizes Michaela. Luckily for Zeke and Michaela, Drea is there watching the whole time and helps take down Lucas and his men.

When Zeke and Michaela return back to the apartment, they found Courtney gone, apparently moving into a sober house. Zeke said that he made his amends with Courtney and says that he can't live Courtney's life for her, he can only live his and that he really likes this life with Michaela.

That night, Michaela checks Zeke's razor for pills that he keeps as a safety net if sobriety didn't work out. Courtney tells Michaela where Zeke keeps his hidden stash of pills and Michaela had found them. But before she could act upon it, she gets a shared Calling with Ben and Saanvi in what appears to be the burned remains of Flight 828 and the dead bodies of some passengers. Unbeknownst to them however, Adrian is in the Calling as well.

In Emergency Exit, Michaela confronts Zeke about the pills and he's hurt by her accusation and says that he didn't plant them there. Later on that day, Michaela is working at the precinct when Isaiah, an over-zealous member of the Church of the Believers, calls Michaela and asks her to meet him at the nightclub that he works at. She went, under the notion that he is going to tell her more details on the attack at the Church, but in reality, Isaiah lures her, Ben and several other passengers to the nightclub to trap them in a fire. Realizing that they are in a trap, Michaela and Ben rush to get everyone out of the fire.

Grace, Zeke and Cal get a shared Calling showing them the nightclub fire and they rush to help. Zeke goes inside and comes to Michaela's aid when she tries to pull out Bethany, the flight attendant from Flight 828, who had gotten stuck under a burning beam. Zeke lifts the burning beam with his bare hands, letting Michaela pull Bethany out.

Unfortunately, not everyone gets out of the fire including TJ, Olive's boyfriend. Later at the hospital, Zeke is treated for his supposed burns by Saanvi when she realizes that it's not burns that Zeke has but frostbite. Zeke concludes that he is freezing to death and that his time is running out.

After dropping back at the precinct to grab a few things, Michaela is approached by the IT guy who gives her the rest of her case files, which she is surprised by. She asks if Drea wanted them printed but the IT guy tells her it was Jared who has them printed and Michaela suspects that Jared is up to no good.

When she and Zeke get back to the apartment, Zeke tells Michaela that he loves her and that he's all in, no matter what life throws in their way. Michaela, realizing that her walls are down, admits that she loves him too and they share a passionate kiss.

In Carry On, Michaela discovers Jared's involvement in the Xer's after Drea convinces her that Jared is an Xer. The two of them spy on Jared and Michaela gets a warrant to bug the Xer bar to bring down Jared and to show proof of his involvement with them. Michaela confesses to both Drea and Zeke that she can't help and think that she did this to Jared. When she gets home from work, Zeke tells her that the frostbite is starting to appear. Zeke tells Michaela that Saanvi may have a cure for the Death Date and that he's not giving up without a fight.

In Airplane Bottles, Michaela has a meeting with Internal Affairs about Jared's involvement with the Xer's but the meeting goes sideways after IA starts an investigation on Michaela and how she solves her cases with her "anonymous tips". IA then accuses her of starting the nightclub fire because they believe that she wants to prove to everyone that she is a good cop. However, things take a different turn when Michaela's union rep turns out to be an Xer and Jared, who is undercover, recognizes the rep from an Xer meeting. Michaela's union rep wants to move the meeting to a neutral location and he is going to give her a ride there, but in reality, he is going kill her. Jared saves Michaela's life by arresting her for arson and putting her in a holding cell to keep her safe. Michaela gets mad at Jared for this, but is puzzled by what he says to her after he locks her up. "I just saved your life."

In Course Deviation, Zeke visits Michaela at the precinct, telling her that he and Ben are getting her a lawyer to get her out. Eventually, she gets out and Jared gives her a note to meet him at "their place." She goes to the park and he explains to her that he is actually undercover and asks if she wants to help to take the Xer's down and she agrees to help. Things take a dangerous turn when she and Captain Bowers learn via the tap that the Xer's had kidnapped Zeke and are holding him captive. Luckily for them, Jared distracts the Xers so Michaela and Bowers can assemble a team to take down the Xers and to rescue Zeke. They succeed but sadly for Jared, his girlfriend, Tamara breaks up with him after she learns that Jared had only used her to get to her brother Billy, who is a die-hard Xer. Jared, Michaela and Zeke are now on good terms since Jared saved Zeke's life. She later learns that her newest niece, Eden was born that day and she and Ben celebrate her birth.

In Unaccompanied Minors, Michaela gets a Calling to "Let him go," after she witnesses a kid steal a candy bar from a store. She later learns from the store owner that the candy bar is a decoy. The kid stole cold medicine, which is used to cook meth. She and Jared discover a huge meth operation and she and Jared track down the three meth dealers named Jace, Pete and Kory. While at the bust, she gets the "Let him go," Calling again while she is arresting Jace. Jace swears revenge on Michaela for what she did to him. This was the first time Michaela defies a Calling, as her faith is shaken due to Zeke's impending Death Date. She finally tells Jared about the Death Date, after finally being on good terms with him again.

Zeke's Death Date is getting closer each day and his frostbite is getting worse. Michaela goes and visits him in the hospital. She learns that Zeke has seen his father, Gordon for the first time since Chloe's death. Knowing that he has made amends with everyone that he needs to, Zeke tells Michaela that he is stopping the treatments and is ready to accept the Death Date. This greatly upsets Michaela, because she is fighting so hard for a cure to save Zeke.

Later that night, Zeke gets back to the apartment after spending some time with his dad at Chloe's beach. He tells Michaela that though he is stopping the treatment, he wants to make one more memory with her to take with him when he dies. To Michaela's surprise and delight, Zeke proposes to her and she says yes.

In Call Sign, the Stone's work hard making their house the dream wedding venue for Zeke and Michaela's wedding. Michaela has cold feet before the wedding, wanting a sign that marrying Zeke was the right thing to do and luckily for her, Ben finds Karen's veil at a thrift shop thanks to a Calling. At the wedding, Michaela sees her mother's ghost sitting at the spot that was reserved for her. Her mother approves Michaela's marriage to Zeke and gives Michaela her blessing.

While on their way to their honeymoon, Zeke and MIchaela get a call from the meth dealers. Michaela and Zeke learn that the meth dealers had kidnapped Cal. The meth dealers escape from their bus ride to Rikers by killing the guards on the bus. During the wedding, they are parked outside of the Stone's house, waiting for the perfect moment to strike.

In Icing Conditions, Michaela, Ben, Grace, Drea and Jared team up to bring Cal back. After a failed hostage exchange in which a Good Samaritan ruined the op, Ben and Michaela get into a fight about the Callings if they should trust them or not. Ben tells Michaela if she had followed the Calling, Cal wouldn't have been kidnapped. Michaela then fires back, explaining to Ben that she couldn't listen them, because they were letting Zeke die.

Zeke gets a Calling showing him where Cal was, but also, the Calling shows Zeke's death. After getting a coded text message from Cal, Ben, Michaela and Zeke head towards upstate New York to rescue Cal. Before they leavet, Zeke tells Jared that he's glad that he will be there for Michaela after he dies. Jared tells Zeke to stay warm.

When they get to upstate New York, Zeke tells Ben where to go and they drive until they reach the end of the road where Ben concludes that they need to continue on foot. Zeke wants to come, but Ben tells Zeke that its below freezing and that he'll never make it in the cold. Michaela asks Ben if she and Zeke could have a few moments alone. After they were alone, Michaela tells Zeke that this wasn't how it was supposed to happen, but Zeke reassures her that its okay, he got everything he wanted in life and got far more than he deserved. Michaela starts sobbing as she knows that Zeke only has hours left to live. She gives him a farewell kiss. Zeke asks Michaela to tell Cal that he loved him. Michaela joins Ben to search for Cal, leaving Zeke behind in the car.

As night fell, Zeke is in the car, gazing at his wedding photos of him and Michaela when he gets the Calling again. Determined to find his nephew, Zeke sets out, stumbling along the way but he makes it.

Ben and Michaela find Cal, who escapes from the meth heads, thanks to Pete and runs off to a frozen lake. Zeke joins them as well. Jace puts a gun against Cal's head but just then, a lightning bolt came out of nowhere, striking the lake and causing the meth heads and Cal to fall in. Ben and Michaela rush to save Cal, but to Michaela's horror, Zeke jumps into the lake and saves Cal, but only to be pulled under again by one of the meth heads. Zeke eventually re-surfaces, but the Death Date has done its work. Cal mourns over Zeke and Michaela apologizes for everything, saying that she couldn't let go of Zeke, that he wanted to die peacefully in her arms. But then, Michaela, Ben and Cal witness a glow coming from Zeke's body and he is revived, with no sign of frostbite. Jared and Drea find them and Jared is slightly disappointed that Zeke is still alive. Michaela, Ben, Cal and Zeke reunite with Olive and Grace, who are shocked to see Zeke alive and well. Ben and Michaela realize that the only way that Zeke beat the Death Date is by following the Callings.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Michaela's casting call describes her as "wracked with guilt over a tragic accident, Michaela anguishes about whether she’s fit to be a police officer and fiancée. When she mysteriously returns years later after being missing, she finds her life with a strange new purpose."[2]

Appearances[edit | edit source]

michaela and ben we been on 828 plane cal told michaela help the passegers on 828 and returns grace and olive waited for them coming home jared and drea told micheala had a affair together

ben and micheala are brother and sister together tragic accident on the 828

michaela is a police officer and and she love zeke landon she had a con and calling

michaela and ben are brother and sister when karen and steve had a son and daughter

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