The third season of Manifest was ordered by NBC on June 15, 2020.[1] The season was premiered on April 1, 2021.

Cast and Characters[edit | edit source]

Starring[edit | edit source]

Recurring[edit | edit source]

  • Will Peltz as Levi (3/13)
  • Ellen Tamaki as Drea Mikami (6/13)
  • Daryl Edwards as Robert Vance (11/13)
  • Warner Miller as Tarik (4/13)
  • Janes McMenamin as Jace Baylor (4/13)
  • Devin Harjes as Peter Baylor (6/13)
  • DazMann Still as Kory (6/13)
  • Lauren Norvelle as Sarah Fitz (9/13)
  • Brendan Burke as Emmett (5/13)
  • Mahira Kakkar as Aria Gupta (9/13)
  • Ed Herbstman as Troy Davis (8/13)
  • Adriane Lenox as Beverly (4/13)
  • Ali Lopez-Sohaili as Eagan Tehrani (6/13)

Only actors who had 3+ appearances, or were confirmed by reliable sources to have 3+ appearances.

Notable guests[edit | edit source]

Non-recurring actors reprising their roles from previous seasons, or who reprised their roles in upcoming seasons

Lineup Changes[edit | edit source]

Episodes[edit | edit source]

No. Title Directed by Written by Original air date U.S. viewers
1 "Tailfin" Romeo Tirone Jeff Rake & Bobak Esfarjani April 1, 2021 3.99
3x1 Tailfin.jpg
Ben and Vance are in Cuba to follow up on the tailfin. Upon touching it, Ben is thrown backward, which is caught on camera phone by a local boy. A Cuban police office sees the video and requests that Ben duplicate the incident, but Vance arrives to stop it. Ben and Vance's associate get on a plane to escape, leaving Vance behind as he is apprehended by the DGI. Michaela and Zeke are on their honeymoon in Costa Rica when Cal discovers a recent calling he's experienced with Michaela and Ben is of 828 passenger Angelina Meyer. Upon investigation, Michaela realizes Angelina is being held captive by her parents, religious missionaries living in Costa Rica who believe their daughter is possessed. She rescues Angelina and Ben's plane is diverted to Costa Rica to rescue the group. Saanvi is now running a private medical practice, but is soon revealed to be following 828 leads in a back room. A woman visits the 129th precinct and talks to Jared, revealing she hasn't heard from her mother Kathryn Fitz with him unaware of what happened to her. Ben and Michaela discuss the meaning of the found tailfin, now strongly believing that Flight 828 exploded and killed everyone, but they were resurrected for still-unknown reasons. Jace, Pete, and Kory are then shown emerging from the now-thawed lake and coming back to life.
2 "Deadhead" Romeo Tirone Laura Putney & Margaret Easley April 8, 2021 3.15
3x2 Deadhead.jpg
Michaela gets her suspension lifted and reunites with Drea. They view park ranger footage of Jace, Pete, and Kory walking out of the lake. They investigate and learn the men assaulted two campers and stole their RV. Angelina has a haunting calling that leads her to her old school. With Olive's help, she digs up a time capsule containing an old photo of herself at a King Kone stand, reminding her of a time when family life was normal. Pete tells Jace they should flee to Canada. Jace agrees, but first tries to score money at the place he worked years ago: the King Kone. While there, Pete retrieves the photo that Angelina dropped. Jace and Kory leave without him when the cops come. Pete is arrested by Michaela and Drea, and says the photo has both himself and Jace in the background. Elsewhere, Grace tries to find a safe place for Cal with the three meth heads loose, forcing her to reunite with her estranged stepbrother Tarik. Also, Ben gets unexpected help from Tim Powell in rescuing Vance, while Zeke correctly deduces that Saanvi is troubled by something. News breaks of the discovery of a piece of Flight 828 in Cuba and the Stone house is inundated by reporters looking for answers.
3 "Wingman" Michael Smith Simran Baidwan & Ezra W. Nachman April 15, 2021 3.32
3x3 Wingman.jpg
Vance is interrogated by NSA but keeps things close to the vest and insists he won't work for the government again, citing Fitz's attempt to have him killed. A calling leads Ben to 828 passenger Eagan, who helps him locate and rescue a teenager from a museum that soon explodes. Ben takes the young man home, and it's revealed that the teenager is Kory's brother. Olive follows up on the pieces of Egyptian artwork that TJ had given her, revealing more clues and a peacock feather at the same time that Cal has a vision of a peacock. Eagan is later shown discarding a key piece of the artwork after selling artifacts he stole from the museum. Michaela follows a calling to her late friend Evie's home, only to find Evie's father dead on the floor. She and Zeke later agree to take care of Evie's dementia-ridden mother. Angelina visits Pete at his jail cell, saying she feels like she's been called to help him like Michaela helped her. Jared questions Saanvi about the time she spent with Fitz as her fake therapist, making Saanvi nervous. Pete and Kory have a calling, and an RV is shown with someone cutting out the eyes from photos of Stone family members. Vance is led into a large room, and reacts to something unseen.
4 "Tailspin" Michael Smith Marta Gené Camps & MW Cartozian Wilson April 22, 2021 3.21
Two months later, Vance is heading up the 828 task force for NSA. He invites Ben and Saanvi to view the operation, with the tailfin now added to the plane wreckage. Vance shows Ben and Saanvi old security video of the tailfin vanishing and Saanvi recognizes the time stamp on the screen as when she killed Fitz, the same day Zeke rescued Cal and beat the death date. Ben enters a secure area and sees the body of 828 passenger Kelly Taylor in an experimental container, remembering she was shot and killed over a year ago. He learns the body no longer shows a bullet wound, but has injuries consistent with a plane crash. Coupled with the return of the tailfin to the Caribbean, Ben says science now proves the passengers died on the plane. Zeke discovers his callings have changed, when he feels exactly what Beverly is feeling during an episode. He later uses this ability to get Pete to reveal that his high school football coach named Hannity was forcing Jace, Kory and himself to deal drugs, which resulted in a teammate's death. Using his pending death date as leverage, Michaela gets Pete to reveal that Jace is going to Coach Hannity's house right now. Michaela arrives to find Kory has been shot by Jace for trying to stop him, while Jace fled. At Kory's prodding, Michaela finds drugs in a vent and arrests Coach Hannity. Meanwhile, Jared and Drea learn more about Fitz's disappearance, as Emmett informs Vance that Jared is getting too close.
5 "Water Landing" Marisol Adler Matthew Lau April 29, 2021 3.27
Jared continues getting closer to the truth and is abducted by Emmett under the alias of Special Agent Fisher while Saanvi starts to understand the consequences of her choices; Jared is fed a story about Fitz being taken out by an enemy spy which Vance reveals is how he covered up her murder to everyone, including the government. With only a day left until his death date, Jace goes on a bloody rampage trying to get revenge on Michaela and Pete is taken to Eureka to have tests run upon him. In Jace's trailer, Michaela finds a drawing that matches part of the ancient parchment on Maat. Levi suggests that it is a depiction of an ancient test called The Last Trial which featured three criminals whose stories match Jace, Kory and Pete. The story suggests that if Jace forgives Michaela and seeks redemption instead of vengeance, he will be spared. In exchange for Vance allowing Pete to help Michaela confront Jace at the lake, Ben agrees to allow Eureka to experiment upon him. After Tarik brags at a bar about the restaurant that he wants to open with Grace, the family's location is revealed on the internet by a man who overheard Tarik's pitch for an 828-themed restaurant. While searching for Jace, Zeke is knocked unconscious, leaving an oblivious Michaela alone in her search.
6 "Graveyard Spiral" Sherwin Shilati Laura Putney & Margaret Easley April 29, 2021 3.21
Michaela fights Jace who experiences a Calling of Cal playing basketball and repeating "last chance". Convinced that his survival is connected to Cal, Jace kicks Michaela off of a cliff and goes after Cal. Michaela is later rescued by Zeke and Jared. Due to the family's whereabouts being revealed, the tires on both of their cars are slashed, stranding Tarik, Grace and Cal and revealing their location when Jace hears the call about the vandalism on Michaela's police car's radio. At Tarik's house, Jace ambushes the family, Pete, and Angelina when they arrive to help and reveals to Pete that he believes that the resurrections are all connected to Cal and that if Cal dies, they'll come back again. Jace kills Tarik leading a vengeful Grace to attempt to kill him while Kory arrives to protect Cal. With time almost out, Ben convinces Grace to not shoot and Jace dies again by spewing lake water while Pete and Kory's injuries heal and they remain alive, seemingly beating the death date. Michaela promises to help Pete get early release in a couple of years for his good deeds and Angelina promises to wait for him. After Olive stops the parchment from being taken away by two men, someone returns Ben's bag containing the final missing piece that Eagan had stolen. The parchment reveals that as the three men were resurrected together, they are being judged together. A shadowy figure rises from Jace's body, grabs Pete and Kory and causes them to die for a second time. Ben and Michaela are saddened by the realization that they were wrong about what needed to happen while Angelina is devastated to lose Pete.
7 "Precious Cargo" Romeo Tirone Bobak Esfarjani & Ezra W. Nachman May 6, 2021 3.05

Mick questions Ben's developing relationship with Eureka. A new adversarial group suspicious of Ben takes drastic measures to gain answers. Saanvi proves her worth through a scientific breakthrough. Angelina reaches a breaking point.

8 "Destination Unknown" Claudia Yarmy Eric Haywood & Marta Gené Camps May 6, 2021 2.85

As Mick and Ben join forces to aid a desperate Flight 828 passenger, Saanvi grapples with a discovery at Eureka, and the burden of secrecy that comes with it. Grace and Angelina's bond deepens. A maturing Cal enlists Zeke's help in a personal matter.

9 "Bogey" Laura Belsey Simran Baidwan & MW Cartozian Wilson May 13, 2021 2.95
As blood starts running from Saanvi's eyes, the other passengers race to find a cure it before it's too late. Olive disaproves of Angelina as she tries to be more like her, and gets too involved with Grace and Eden. Ben and Eagen clash over a fire and water calling, and Micheala and Zeke host an awkward dinner party with Jared and Sara.
10 "Compass Calibration" Ramaa Mosley Laura Putney & Margaret Easley May 20, 2021 2.85
A suprising earthquake serves as a catalyst for many perilous situations for the passengers. Zeke urges Micheala to fulfill her duty as a cop and arrest Saanvi for admitting to the murder of The Major. Angelina and Cal's plan to prove a connection between Eden and Angelina after Eden saves her from getting crushed by a fan goes horribly wrong, and Zeke and Grace rush in to separate the two. Ben and a fellow passenger take it too far, resulting in his arrest, as they venture to a familiar anti-828er's closed down garage, after a calling suggesting his kid's danger is shared. At the same time, Michaela and the mother of the boy also race to find him. Saanvi urges Vance to shut down the Noah's Ark experiments after a shocking discovery.
11 "Duty Free" Ruba Nadda Bobak Esfarjani & Darika Fuhrmann June 3, 2021 2.78
A depressing mode falls over the passengers as Ben's trial results in a $500,000 bail and a house arrest. Cal harbors Angelina as worsening burns from a brutal and painful fire calling begin appearing on his chest. Saanvi demands Vance to quite testing on the tail fin. After all passenger crimes become a matter of national security, Michaela questions the system, and if she wants a place in it as a detective.
12 "Mayday, Part 1" Dean White Simran Baidwan & Marta Gené Camps June 10, 2021
Ben breaks his house arrest to rush to Eureka with Grace and Saanvi after Vance calls notifying them of Cal's sporadic appearance and his worsening burns. Michaela, flight attendant Bethany, and imprisoned Eagen share a calling in which thick blood streams down the side of the plane. Long lost Adrian and Eagen have a reunion in prison, and plot to take down Ben and Eureka once and for all. Ben pleads with Vance to return the tail fin.
13 "Mayday, Part 2" Romeo Tirone Jeff Rake & Matthew Lau June 10, 2021
A clashing of faith and fact delay Vance and Ben's coup with The Pentagon. Eagen and Randell break into Vance's house as Ben and Saanvi venture into an electrical storm with the tail fin. Angelina stays in leauge with Adrian, bonding over the prospect of guardian angels. Jared connects the dots about Saanvi and The Major, and reaches a breaking point with Micheala.

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