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  • Everything in this entire category.
  • All episode plots.
  • All galleries.
  • All actor/crew lives except Athena Karkanis
  • Filmography for everyone but Jeff Rake, Josh Dallas, J.R. Ramirez, Francesca Faridany, Frank Deal, Shirley Rumierk, Elizabeth Marvel, Matt Long, and Melissa Roxburgh.
  • Callings table expansion.
  • Ratings for the episodes.

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  • The Co-Pilot has two names, same actor either plays Danny Clarke (No relation to Fiona) or Amuta! And I’m not sure if either names was stated onscreen.

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Major ThingsEdit

  1. Notability policy.
  2. Reccuring themes pages.
  3. Theory Pages.
  4. Transcript pages.


  1. Family Tree template, maybe Stone Family Tree one.

Minor StuffEdit

  1. Category for LGBT Characters.
  2. Writing guest starring.
  3. Category:Browse.

Why You Don’t Trust IMDbEdit

When I was making the pages for episodes 7-9 I trusted IMDb to tell me which main cast members didn’t appear so I didn’t go searching through the episode again. It said Saanvi wasn’t in Dead Reckoning so I trusted them, I watched through the first scene as only noticed Saanvi’s arm so I put that in, when looking back to remind myself what Vance was doing I found another scene of archive footage, and then a scene of completely new footage, IMDb still says Saanvi isn’t in the episode.

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